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Dr. Hoefflin's Publications

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I have been in the field of medicine for over thirty years. During that time, I have had the honor and the professional privilege of caring for over 50,000 patients, most being women, and some of them the most beautiful women in the world. I have analyzed, measured, and studied thousands of beautiful, attractive, average, and unattractive faces. From that experience, I have developed, in my view, an exact, scientific definition of facial beauty. This definition is impor- tant for both artists and plastic surgeons.

I have dedicated my career to making women look and feel beautiful. I also appreciate the great significance of “inner beauty,” another trait that invites a most deserving definition.

As a scientist, I am quite surprised by the mathematics of facial beauty. As a plastic surgeon, I am delighted. My research has shown that the fundamental difference between an unattractive, average, attractive, and remarkably beautiful face lies within a few millimeters and a few angu- lar degrees. With this in mind, I have developed The Formula of “AH,” a simple mathematical formula that allows for the first time, a mathematical definition of facial beauty based on 7 facial Angles (A) and 7 facial Highlights (H).

This book is a summary of an eight-volume 1,800-page medical text of my original work on the medical art and science of facial beauty.

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Dr. Steven Hoefflin is an expert plastic surgeon who specializes in Ethnic Rhinoplasty. He has been published his techniques in medical textbooks and peer-reviewed surgery journals, as well as having traveled to over 50 countries to present his techniques at Plastic Surgery Meetings.

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